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Words That Rhyme With "Dapple" :

2 syllables:

addle, ampal, ample, apple, babble, babbled, Babel, battel, battle, battled, brabble, brattle, cackle, caple, capsule, cattle, chackle, chapel, chattel, copal, couple, crackle, crackled, cripple, cupel, drabble, draggle, fipple, gabble, gaggle, grabble, grackle, grapnel, grapple, grappled, graupel, gripple, hackle, Hagel, haggle, hipple, hopple, jackal, mackle, macle, macled, maple, nipple, opal, Opel, paddle, papal, peepul, people, pipal, popple, prattle, prattled, pupal, rabble, Racal, Rachal, rackle, raddle, raggle, rattle, rattled, ripple, saddle, sample, scabble, scalpel, Schnabel, scopal, scrabble, scraggle, scrapple, scruple, sepal, shackle, shackled, shrapnel, sipple, souple, spackle, spraddle, staddle, staple, steeple, stipel, stipple, stopple, straddle, straggle, supple, tackle, tackled, tattle, tattled, that'll, tipple, topple, trample, triple, tripple, typal, waggle, Whipple

3 syllables:

archetypal, astraddle, bedrabble, bedraggle, decouple, depeople, disciple, dispeople, embattle, embattled, encapsule, ensample, estoppel, example, laypeople, mayapple, pineapple, quadruple, repeople, Seattle, sextuple, subsample, uncouple, unpeople, unsaddle, unshackle, unshackled, Whitechapel

4 syllables:

antechapel, businesspeople, condisciple, hippocampal, overpeople, prototypal, psychobabble

5 syllables:

Adrianople, Constantinople

6 syllables: