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Words That Rhyme With "Dearest" :

2 syllables:

aurist, barest, birrus, cerous, cirrous, cirrus, clearest, czarist, fairest, fiercest, florist, forest, Forrest, jurist, lyrist, Marist, merest, nearest, peeress, poorest, purest, purist, querist, rarest, scirrhous, scirrhus, sclerous, seeress, serous, surest, terraced, theorist, tourist, tsarist, tzarist, Verus, weirdest

3 syllables:

acerous, adherents, afforest, ameerate, amirate, aquarist, careerist, deforest, disforest, embarrassed, emeerate, guitarist, intourist, reforest, scenarist, severest, Severus, subserous

4 syllables:

disafforest, stratocirrus, unembarrassed

5 syllables: