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Words That Rhyme With "Departed" :

2 syllables:

blurted, carted, charted, darted, flirted, hearted, parted, shirted, skirted, smarted, spurted, squirted, started

3 syllables:

alerted, asserted, averted, basehearted, concerted, converted, deserted, diverted, downhearted, exerted, exserted, fainthearted, greathearted, hardhearted, imparted, inserted, inverted, kindhearted, lacertid, perverted, purehearted, restarted, reverted, subverted, truehearted, uncharted, warmhearted

4 syllables:

brokenhearted, chickenhearted, cruelhearted, disconcerted, overparted, reasserted, tenderhearted, unconverted