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Words That Rhyme With "Dickens" :

2 syllables:

Aikens, Akens, Akins, bacon's, beacons, beckons, bitten, blackens, brackens, Britains, Britons, britten, Britton, chickens, Eakins, fictions, fitten, flacons, frictions, hicken, hippen, incomes, kittens, kokan's, lichenes, lichens, ligands, likens, likins, Lincolns, lippens, litten, Lytton, milken's, mittens, Nixons, picken, pittance, quickens, reckons, ribbons, ricken, ripken's, rippon, shippen, sicken, Siddons, Sitten, slackens, smitten, stricken, thickens, threepence, thrippence, tigon, tokens, weakens, whitten, Wiccan, wigan, wigen, witan, Witten, written

3 syllables:

admittance, afflictions, awakens, balbriggans, constrictions, convictions, depictions, emittance, evictions, Franciscans, immittance, Jamaicans, Mohicans, moroccans, remittance, restrictions, rewritten, transmittance, unwritten

4 syllables:

intermittence, overwritten