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Words That Rhyme With "Dismissal" :

2 syllables:

basal, Basle, Bessel, bristle, bristled, Bristol, Brussel, bustle, castle, Cecil, chessel, chisel, Christal, Chrystal, cresyl, crissal, Cristal, crizzle, crystal, decile, distal, dossal, drizzle, fiscal, fissile, fizzle, fizzled, frizzle, Geisel, glossal, gristle, grizzle, grizzled, guzzles, Hassel, hassle, Houseal, housel, hustle, Ijssel, jostle, Kassel, listel, missal, nestle, pestle, piffle, pistol, pixel, pizzle, plimsoll, puzzles, riffle, russel, Russell, rustle, schnitzel, scissel, scissile, sessile, sisal, sizzle, sizzled, skiffle, sniffle, swizzle, tassel, thistle, throstle, tinsel, tressel, trestle, trussell, tussal, tussle, vassal, vessel, wassail, wessel, whiffle, whistle, whistled, Wiesel, wissel, wrestle

3 syllables:

abyssal, affixal, altricial, apostle, colossal, crepuscle, dickcissel, epistle, indicial, initial, judicial, mucosal, occlusal, official, petrosal, solstitial, sowthistle, surficial, syncytial, tectricial

4 syllables:

appendiceal, appendicial, artificial, beneficial, cacomistle, cacomixle, circumscissile, duniewassal, edificial, gentilitial, hypabyssal, hypoglossal, interstitial, noninitial, Overijssel, prejudicial, sacrificial, superficial, tribunicial, unofficial

5 syllables:

extrajudicial, inartificial, semiofficial