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Words That Rhyme With "Disruption" :

2 syllables:

butson, buxom, caption, fluxion, gumption, hushen, option, pashm, suction, Upham, Upson

3 syllables:

abduction, abruption, adaption, adduction, adoption, assumption, conception, concussion, conduction, conniption, consumption, corruption, deception, deduction, defluxion, discussion, eduction, effluxion, Egyptian, eruption, exception, inception, induction, irruption, perception, percussion, presumption, production, recaption, reception, reduction, resumption, seduction, subsumption

4 syllables:

apperception, Belorussian, Byelorussian, contraception, imperception, incorruption, interception, interruption, introduction, misconception, misperception, preconception, repercussion, reproduction, solifluction

5 syllables:

anticorruption, chemoreception, introsusception, intussusception, overproduction, phonoreception, photoreception, reintroduction, superinduction, underproduction

6 syllables:

electroreduction, microreproduction