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Words That Rhyme With "Dresser's" :

2 syllables:

censors, cesser, chasers, Chaucer's, Cheshire, Chesters, deford's, dressers, Escher, esters, etcher, flesher, fletcher, gestures, guessers, heifers, Jeffers, jesters, lecher, lesser, lessors, nesters, pacers, passeres, passers, pesters, plessor, presser's, saucers, sensors, sesterce, sketcher, spacers, spencers, Spensers, stressors, testers, vespers, zephyrs

3 syllables:

aggressors, assessors, compressors, confessor, dispensers, erasers, hairdressers, harassers, investors, molesters, oppressors, possessor, processors, producers, professors, semesters, sequesters, successors, transducers

4 syllables:

antecessor, biosensors, Eliezer, intercessor, predecessors

5 syllables:

Nebuchadnezzar, overproducers