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Words That Rhyme With "Easy" :

2 syllables:

Basie, Boise, breezy, busy, cheesy, crazy, creasey, creasy, daisy, dazey, desi, dizzy, Fiji, fizzy, fleecy, frizzy, Gigi, greasy, hazy, heavey, jasey, lazy, leavey, leavy, lisi, lizzie, Maisie, mazy, measly, noisy, peavey, peavy, peevey, peevy, pisay, queasy, sizy, sleazy, squeegee, Stevie, Teasley, tizzy, wheezy

3 syllables:

Assisi, divisi, Luigi, marchese, Medici, pachisi, parcheesi, speakeasy, uneasy, vibrissae

4 syllables:

calabrese, overbusy, Piranesi, Tbilisi