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Words That Rhyme With "Elliptical" :

3 syllables:

critical, cynical, finical, mimical, mystical, mythical, optical, physical, sceptical, silicle, skeptical, tricycle, typical

4 syllables:

acritical, adminicle, ancipital, atypical, basipetal, bicipital, centripetal, conceptacle, dominical, equivocal, fatidical, hemistichal, inimical, juridical, Levitical, logistical, magnifical, occipital, pacifical, papistical, pontifical, precritical, rabbinical, receptacle, sincipital, sophistical, soritical, statistical, subcritical, subtypical, umbilical, uncritical, untypical, veridical

5 syllables:

archetypical, diacritical, egotistical, extraphysical, geophysical, homotypical, hypercritical, hyperphysical, hypocritical, imprescriptible, metaphysical, metonymical, overcritical, prototypical, pyramidical, supercritical, superphysical, unequivocal

6 syllables: