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Words That Rhyme With "Erosion" :

2 syllables:

Asian, chosen, cloven, cogent, Friesian, Frisian, frozen, fusion, groschen, hoven, lesion, lotion, motion, notion, ocean, plosion, posen, potion, quotient, rosen, suasion, Trojan, vision, woven

3 syllables:

abrasion, abscission, adhesion, affusion, Afrasian, allision, allusion, Ambrosian, artesian, Boeotian, Cartesian, Carthusian, Caucasian, cohesion, collision, collusion, commotion, concision, conclusion, confusion, contusion, corrasion, corrosion, decision, defusion, delusion, demotion, derision, detrusion, devotion, diffusion, dissuasion, division, eclosion, effusion, elision, elusion, elysian, emotion, envision, Ephesian, equation, evasion, excision, exclusion, explosion, extrusion, handwoven, illusion, implosion, incision, inclusion, infusion, inhesion, intrusion, invasion, Laotian, Malaysian, misprision, nicotian, occasion, occlusion, Parisian, persuasion, precisian, precision, preclusion, prevision, profusion, prolusion, promotion, protrusion, provision, recision, reclusion, remotion, rescission, retrusion, revision, Rhodesian, seclusion, transfusion, Tunisian, unchosen

4 syllables:

Australasian, Austronesian, circumcision, circumfusion, dermabrasion, disillusion, imprecision, indecision, Indonesian, interwoven, locomotion, malocclusion, Melanesian, multivision, Polynesian, prodelision, rediffusion, reperfusion, reprovision, subincision, superfusion, supervision, theologians, vasomotion

5 syllables:

ferromagnesian, Peloponnesian, thermodiffusion, uncircumcision