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Words That Rhyme With "Feature" :

2 syllables:

aether, beacher, Beecher, bleacher, botcher, Boucher, briefer, butcher, catcher, ceaser, cloture, clutcher, coacher, coucher, creature, croucher, crutcher, ditcher, Dutcher, etcher, ether, fletcher, future, greaser, hatcher, Kocher, leaser, lecher, liefer, matcher, moocher, nature, Peacher, pitcher, poacher, Poucher, preacher, reefer, richer, scratcher, screecher, sketcher, sloucher, snatcher, snitcher, stature, stitcher, stretcher, sucher, suture, switcher, teacher, Thatcher, toucher, twitcher, voucher, watcher, Witcher

3 syllables:

besieger, debaucher, defeature, denature, disfeature, disnature, dispatcher, encroacher, increaser, misfeature, procedure, reliefer, reproacher, schoolteacher

4 syllables: