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Words That Rhyme With "Ferritic" :

2 syllables:

cretic, critic, cryptic, cystic, dipstick, lipstick, mystic, triptych, vitric

3 syllables:

acetic, acidic, arthritic, artistic, autistic, ballistic, comedic, dendritic, ecliptic, granitic, linguistic, logistic, nephritic, neritic, palmitic, patristic, philippic, sadistic, semitic, simplistic, statistic, stylistic

4 syllables:

altruistic, atheistic, dualistic, futuristic, hemolytic, mechanistic, novelistic, optimistic, orthopedic, paralytic, parasitic, phenotypic, realistic, socialistic, synergistic, thrombolytic, unrealistic

5 syllables:

anachronistic, antagonistic, antiballistic, apocalyptic, characteristic, chloroacetic, electrolytic, encyclopedic, homogametic, idealistic, impressionistic, indoleacetic, naturalistic, relativistic, thioacetic, thiolacetic

6 syllables: