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Words That Rhyme With "Fire" :

2 syllables:

Ayer, briar, brier, buyer, byre, choir, crier, cryer, dire, drier, dryer, Dyer, eyer, flier, flyer, friar, frier, fryer, Guyer, gyre, hier, higher, hire, liar, lier, Meyer, mire, nigher, plier, plyer, prier, prior, pryer, Pryor, pyre, quire, shier, sire, skyer, slier, spier, sprier, squire, tire, trier, tyer, wire, wrier

3 syllables:

acquire, admire, afire, aspire, attire, barbwire, bemire, Blantyre, ceasefire, complier, conspire, defier, desire, doubtfire, enquire, entire, expire, inquire, inspire, misfire, perspire, rehire, relier, require, respire, retire, rewire, shanghaier, subprior, supplier, suspire, transire, transpire, untier

4 syllables:

overtire, reacquire