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Words That Rhyme With "Flocked" :

1 syllable:

act, art, backed, blocked, bucked, cart, carte, chart, checked, clocked, cocked, cost, cracked, dart, docked, dost, duct, fact, focht, font, freaked, hart, heart, hecht, hooked, knocked, licht, locked, mart, mocked, opt, pact, part, peaked, picked, pocked, pont, raked, rocked, sect, shocked, smart, socked, soft, stacked, stalked, start, stocked, strict, tact, tart, toft, tract, waft, want, worked

2 syllables:

addict, adopt, affect, afflict, apart, attract, collect, concoct, conduct, connect, constrict, correct, croissant, deadlocked, deduct, deflect, depart, depict, destruct, detect, detente, detract, diffract, direct, dissect, distract, eject, elect, enact, erect, evict, exact, expect, extract, gridlocked, impact, impart, infect, inflict, inject, inspect, instruct, intact, neglect, obstruct, padlocked, perfect, predict, protect, react, reflect, reject, respect, restocked, restrict, retract, reworked, savant, select, shellshocked, subtract, suspect, transact, unchecked, unlocked, unwashed

3 syllables:

commandant, contradict, debutante, disconnect, disrespect, incorrect, indirect, inexact, interact, interject, intersect, kristallnacht, nonchalant, overstocked, reconstruct, redirect, resurrect, unprovoked

4 syllables:

interconnect, overreact