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Words That Rhyme With "Folding" :

2 syllables:

balding, boding, Bolling, bolting, bowling, building, childing, coalbin, coding, colin, doling, elding, gaulding, gelding, gilding, goading, Golding, goldring, goldwin, Goldwyn, growling, hilding, holding, holing, jolting, loading, melding, molding, molting, moulding, moulting, Odin, Olin, poling, polling, rollin', rolling, scalding, scolding, shielding, soling, strolling, tolling, trolling, welding, wielding, wilding, yielding

3 syllables:

bankholding, beholding, cajoling, consoling, controlling, corroding, decoding, encoding, enfolding, enrolling, eroding, exploding, extolling, foreboding, handholding, imploding, landholding, nonbuilding, pangolin, paroling, patrolling, rebuilding, revolting, shareholding, shipholding, smallholding, stockholding, unfolding, unloading, unyielding, upholding, withholding

5 syllables: