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Words That Rhyme With "Galvanocautery" :

3 syllables:

augury, autarchy, autarky, batterie, battery, bobbery, bootery, buttery, cautery, clattery, crockery, datary, daubery, daughterly, daughtery, dockery, doddery, doggery, eatery, flattery, fluttery, foppery, fruitery, gaudery, glittery, glossary, groggery, hattery, hetero, hoggery, jittery, jobbery, littery, lottery, mattery, mockery, nitery, notary, octarchy, petery, pottery, properly, property, psaltery, robbery, rockery, rotary, slattery, slobbery, snobbery, tatary, toggery, twittery, votary, Wateree, watery

4 syllables:

bijouterie, corroboree, debauchery, depletory, etc, etcetera, forgettery, homospory, improperly, pleiomery, potatory, responsory, secretory

5 syllables:

dextrorotary, heterospory, levorotary, restitutory

6 syllables:

circumvolutory, electrocautery