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Words That Rhyme With "Gelded" :

2 syllables:

bedded, belted, bendlet, breaded, Celtic, credit, dreaded, edit, felted, fielded, folded, gelid, headed, kelleg, leaded, melded, melted, molded, pellet, pelted, scalded, scolded, shielded, shredded, threaded, wedded, welded, wielded, yielded

3 syllables:

accredit, beheaded, bullheaded, clearheaded, discredit, embedded, hotheaded, imbedded, lightheaded, pigheaded, pinheaded, remolded, remoulded, roundheaded, subedit, unbelted, unfolded, unleaded, unmelted, unshielded, unwedded

4 syllables:

chrysomelid, disaccredit, interbedded, levelheaded