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Words That Rhyme With "Giving" :

2 syllables:

biffin, braving, bridging, calving, caving, craving, diving, driving, fizzing, grieving, griffin, grooving, halving, having, heaving, jiving, leaving, livin', living, loving, moving, paving, proving, quizzing, raving, revving, riffing, roving, salving, saving, scriven, shaving, shoving, sieving, sleeving, sniffing, spiffing, staving, striving, sylvine, thieving, thriving, tiffin, waiving, waving, weaving, whizzing

3 syllables:

abridging, achieving, approving, arriving, behaving, believing, caregiving, conceiving, conniving, deceiving, depriving, deriving, engraving, forgiving, improving, misgiving, outliving, perceiving, receiving, relieving, reliving, removing, reproving, retrieving, reviving, surviving, thanksgiving, unloving, unmoving

4 syllables:

disapproving, disbelieving, interleaving, interweaving, misbehaving, misconceiving, unbelieving, unforgiving

5 syllables: