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Words That Rhyme With "Gleefully" :

3 syllables:

awfully, brieflessly, buffalo, easefully, equally, evenly, feastfully, genially, grievously, heedfully, joyfully, peaceably, peacefully, penally, regally, retrally, ruefully, shrievalty, sniffily, venally, woefully

4 syllables:

cerebrally, coequally, coevally, conceivably, congenially, deceitfully, obscenely, supremely, unequally, unevenly, viceregally

5 syllables:

acrocephaly, anencephaly, brachycephaly, cymbocephaly, hydrocephaly, hypsicephaly, irretrievably, isocephaly, macrocephaly, microcephaly, oxycephaly, scaphocephaly, tetrahedrally

6 syllables:

photometrically, plagiocephaly