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Words That Rhyme With "Grabs" :

1 syllable:

abbs, adds, ads, adz, adze, ag's, apps, apse, bags, blobs, bob's, cabs, cads, caps, chad's, chaps, claps, clubs, cobs, crabs, cubs, dads, Debs, drabs, dubs, ebbs, fads, fags, flags, flaps, flubs, gads, gags, gaps, globs, gobs, Hobbes, Hobbs, hobs, hubs, jabs, jags, japs, jobs, klebs, knobs, kobs, labs, lads, lags, Lapps, laps, lapse, lobs, mags, maps, mobs, nags, naps, pads, plebs, pubs, sags, saps, scabs, scads, scags, schnapps, shad's, slabs, slaps, slobs, snags, snaps, snobs, snubs, sobs, stabs, Stubbs, stubs, subs, swabs, swaps, tabs, tags, taps, tubs, wads, wags, Webbs, webs, yaps, zags, zaps

2 syllables:

aubades, celebs, collapse, elapse, perhaps, prefabs, Punjab's, relapse

3 syllables:

minilabs, taxicabs