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Words That Rhyme With "Granulated" :

2 syllables:

baited, bated, dated, fated, feted, gaited, gated, grated, hated, lated, mated, plaited, plated, rated, sated, skated, slated, stated, waited, weighted

3 syllables:

abated, ablated, afflated, awaited, belated, berated, created, debated, deflated, dictated, dilated, elated, equated, inflated, mismated, misstated, postdated, predated, related, restated, rostrated, sedated, stellated, translated, unbated, undated, unrated, unstated, unweighted, updated, vacated

4 syllables:

accolated, annotated, calculated, cancellated, conjugated, desecrated, flagellated, lanolated, miscreated, overrated, overweighted, procreated, reinstated, tabulated, unabated, uncreated, underrated, underweighted, unrelated

5 syllables:

bimaculated, coagulated, demodulated, interrelated, miscalculated, recalculated, remunerated, tentaculated

6 syllables:

unassimilated, underpopulated