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Words That Rhyme With "Grovel" :

2 syllables:

bevel, causal, cavel, cavil, clausal, coffle, fodgel, gavel, Havel, hovel, kevel, level, Lovell, naval, navel, nival, novel, nozzle, offal, oval, shovel, snivel, swivel

3 syllables:

archival, arrival, coeval, corrival, datival, disgavel, dishevel, gingival, longeval, medieval, octaval, primaeval, primeval, removal, revival, shemozzle, survival, upheaval

4 syllables:

ablatival, adjectival, agentival, antinovel, conjunctival, genitival, gerundival, insectival, mediaeval, multilevel, objectival, substantival

5 syllables:

accusatival, imperatival, infinitival, premedieval