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Words That Rhyme With "Hotshot" :

1 syllable:

aught, blot, bot, bott, bought, brought, caught, clot, cot, cott, cotte, daut, dot, faught, fought, fraught, ghat, got, grot, haught, haut, hot, hott, jot, knot, lot, Lott, lotte, Mott, motte, naught, not, nott, nought, ought, phot, plot, pot, raught, rot, rought, scot, Scott, shot, shott, slot, snot, sot, sought, spot, stott, swot, taught, taut, thought, tot, trot, wat, wrought

2 syllables:

abought, allot, alot, begot, besot, besought, bethought, boschbok, bowshot, calotte, capot, challoth, chamotte, cocotte, complot, cowshot, cushat, Demott, distraught, forgot, garotte, garrotte, gavotte, grogshop, halloth, handwrought, huppoth, inwrought, longshot, marcotte, marotte, pawnshop, potshot, repot, reshot, rethought, shallot, Shevat, slopshop, succoth, Sukkoth, unknot, unthought

3 syllables:

aliyoth, interknot, overbought, overwrought, ravigote, sansculotte, tallitoth

4 syllables: