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Words That Rhyme With "Impreciseness" :

2 syllables:

baseness, china's, choiceness, closeness, crassness, crossness, dryness, grossness, highness, lessness, linus, looseness, Minos, minus, niceness, nisus, rifeness, shyness, slyness, spinous, spruceness, thisness, thusness, vinous, wiseness, wryness

3 syllables:

abstruseness, conciseness, Delphinus, diffuseness, echinus, jocoseness, Longinus, moroseness, Mutinus, obtuseness, Plotinus, preciseness, profuseness, pulvinus, remissness, unwiseness, verboseness

4 syllables:

Antoninus, botulinus, Carolinas, Dionysus, laurustinus, monoclinous