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Words That Rhyme With "Imprinting" :

2 syllables:

anting, Banting, binning, bitting, blinking, blunting, bunting, chanting, clinking, counting, daunting, denting, dinning, fainting, finning, fitting, flaunting, flitting, gettin', gindin, ginning, glinting, haunting, hinting, hitting, hunting, inning, kingpin, knitting, limping, linking, minting, mounting, painting, panting, pimping, pinning, pitting, planting, pointing, printing, punting, quintain, quintan, quitting, shunting, sinking, sinning, sittin', sitting, skimping, skinking, slanting, slitting, spinning, spitting, splitting, sprinting, squinting, stinking, stinting, stunting, tainting, taunting, tenting, thinkin, thinking, thinning, tinning, tinting, twinning, vaunting, venting, wanting, wingding, winking, winning, witting

3 syllables:

accounting, acquitting, admitting, amounting, anointing, appointing, assenting, befitting, beginning, cementing, committing, consenting, decanting, dissenting, emitting, enchanting, eventing, fermenting, implanting, inventing, lamenting, omitting, permitting, presenting, preventing, recanting, recounting, refitting, relenting, repainting, repenting, replanting, reprinting, rescinding, resenting, rethinking, submitting, supplanting, surmounting, transmitting, transplanting, unblinking, unfitting, unstinting, unthinking, unwinking, unwitting

4 syllables:

circumventing, disappointing, disenchanting, fingerprinting, interlinking, reinventing, representing, resubmitting, unbefitting, unconsenting, unrelenting, unremitting

5 syllables:

electrowinning, misrepresenting