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Words That Rhyme With "Insipid" :

2 syllables:

cricket, Cupid, fitted, gibbet, hispid, ibid, knitted, limpet, limpid, lipid, lipoid, Lopid, nitid, picket, Pickett, pipit, pitted, pricket, rapid, ripplet, scripted, skippet, snippet, stickit, stupid, tepid, thicket, ticket, tippet, tippit, triplet, trippet, vapid, whippet, wicked, wicket, witted, zibet

3 syllables:

acquitted, adhibit, admitted, committed, conscripted, emitted, encrypted, exhibit, inhibit, intrepid, mantispid, midwicket, omitted, permitted, prohibit, quintuplet, refitted, remitted, submitted, transmitted, transrapid, unpitied, unscripted

4 syllables:

glycolipid, phospholipid, phospholipide, readmitted, resubmitted, semifitted, uncommitted, unremitted

6 syllables: