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Words That Rhyme With "Introductory" :

3 syllables:

blubbery, blustery, budgeree, buggery, buttery, coloury, drudgery, factory, flummery, fluttery, gunnery, lactary, mummery, nectary, nummary, nunnery, plumbery, puckery, puffery, pugaree, puggaree, rectory, rubbery, scullery, sectary, shrubbery, shuddery, smothery, snuggery, succory, summary, summery, thuggery, utterly, victory

4 syllables:

ampullary, conflictory, detractory, directory, discovery, effrontery, emunctory, enactory, olfactory, perfunctory, phylactery, protectory, recovery, refectory, refractory, trajectory

5 syllables:

calefactory, interjectory, manufactory, satisfactory

6 syllables:

dissatisfactory, unsatisfactory