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Words That Rhyme With "Jagged" :

1 syllable:

act, backed, bag, bagged, begged, blacked, bogged, bract, brag, Bragg, bragged, bugged, chugged, clogged, crabbed, cracked, crag, dag, dogged, drabbed, drag, dragged, drugged, egged, fact, fag, flag, Flagg, flagged, frag, gag, gagged, grabbed, hacked, hag, hagg, hagged, hogged, hugged, lacked, lag, lagged, legged, logged, mag, mugged, nabbed, nag, nagged, packed, pact, pegged, plugged, Prague, quag, racked, rag, sacked, sag, sagged, scrag, shag, shrugged, slacked, slag, slogged, slugged, smacked, snacked, snag, snagged, sprag, stabbed, stacked, stag, swag, tacked, tact, tag, tagged, tracked, tract, tugged, wag, wagged, whacked, wracked, zag, zagged

2 syllables:

abstract, attacked, attract, coact, debag, detract, diffract, distract, enact, exact, extract, impact, infract, intact, outact, protract, react, redact, reflag, refract, repacked, retract, sandbagged, subtract, transact, unbacked, unbag, unpacked, unplugged

3 syllables:

abreact, incompact, inexact, interact, precontract, reenact, underact

4 syllables:

counterattacked, overreact