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Words That Rhyme With "Kermit" :

2 syllables:

armet, armlet, armpit, Barnet, burmite, burnet, burnished, cermet, furnished, garnet, Garnett, garnished, harnessed, hayrick, hermit, marmite, marmot, permic, spermic, tarnished, termite, thermic, thermite, turnip, turret, uric, varmint, varnished, wernicke

3 syllables:

alarmist, endermic, euthermic, internist, Mubarak, saturnic, unfurnished, unlearned, untarnished, unvarnished

4 syllables:

blastodermic, cadaveric, diathermic, ectodermic, endothermic, exothermic, homothermic, hypodermic, isothermic, pachydermic, polyspermic, sophomoric

5 syllables:

alexipharmic, homeothermic, homoiothermic

6 syllables: