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Words That Rhyme With "Levin" :

2 syllables:

Bevin, caven, chevon, coven, covin, craven, delving, Devan, Devin, devon, driven, even, Gaven, Gavin, given, givin', graven, haven, heaven, kelvin, Kevin, Kievan, maven, mavin, Melvin, Nevin, oven, pavan, raven, ravin, resin, revving, riven, savin, scriven, seven, shaven, shelving, Sivan, spavin, Stephen, steven, striven, sweven, thriven

3 syllables:

disproven, forgiven, Genevan, misgovern, muezzin, nonwoven, replevin, uneven, unshaven

4 syllables:

Sarajevan, unforgiven

5 syllables: