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Words That Rhyme With "Lizzie" :

2 syllables:

Basie, breezy, busy, buzzy, cheesy, chivvy, chivy, cissy, crazy, daisy, dazey, desi, Disney, divvy, dizzy, drizzly, easy, fizzy, frizzly, frizzy, fuzzy, grisly, grizzly, hazy, jasey, Kinsey, kissy, Maisie, mazy, missey, missy, muzzy, prissy, prithee, privy, queasy, quinsy, ridgy, sissy, skivvy, smithy, squidgy, stithy, Suzie, tizzy, wheezy, whimsey, withy

3 syllables:

divisi, marchese, pachisi, parcheesi, tantivy, uneasy

4 syllables:

calabrese, Murrumbidgee, overbusy, Piranesi