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Words That Rhyme With "Lofty" :

2 syllables:

bosky, coffee, costae, cotty, crafty, dautie, Dottie, dotty, doughty, drafty, draughty, drifty, drosky, fifty, frosty, grotty, haughty, hefty, hottie, knotty, mufti, naughty, nifty, potty, safety, Scottie, Scotty, shifty, shufti, softa, softie, softly, softy, spotty, thrifty, toffee, toffy, totty, trotty, tufty

3 syllables:

flightsafety, toplofty, unsafety, unthrifty

4 syllables:

biosafety, manicotti, Pavarotti