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Words That Rhyme With "Lumper" :

2 syllables:

ampere, bummer, bumper, bunker, bunter, camper, chunter, comer, compere, crimper, crupper, cumber, cummer, cupper, damper, Dampier, drummer, dumber, dumpcart, dumper, Dunbar, dunker, grumpier, grunter, Gunter, hamper, Humber, hummer, hunker, hunter, impar, jumper, junker, kupper, mummer, mumper, number, pamper, pampre, plumper, punter, romper, rummer, scamper, scupper, shrimper, shunter, simper, skimpier, somer, Sommer, stamper, stomper, stumper, sumer, summar, summer, sumpter, Sumter, sunbird, sunburn, supper, swamper, tamper, temper, thumber, thumper, tramper, Tunker, umber, upper, vamper, whimper, younker

3 syllables:

abampere, attemper, buckjumper, distemper, encumber, incumber, midsummer, outnumber, renumber, statampere, unnumbered

4 syllables:

counterjumper, disencumber, microampere, milliampere, unencumber