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Words That Rhyme With "Lunch" :

1 syllable:

bench, branch, brunch, bunce, bunch, Bunche, chinch, cinch, craunch, crunch, drench, dunce, dunch, finch, french, grinch, grunge, gunge, haunch, hunch, inch, kench, kinch, manche, maunche, month, munch, once, paunch, pinch, punch, quench, ranch, scrunch, sponge, squinch, stanch, staunch, stench, synch, tench, tranche, trench, wench, winch, wrench

2 syllables:

disbench, disbranch, entrench, expunge, intrench, keypunch, retrench, revanche

3 syllables:

centerpunch, counterpunch, honeybunch