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Words That Rhyme With "Markel" :

2 syllables:

archil, areal, argal, Argall, argol, barbel, bharal, burble, burghal, burgle, carle, carpal, carpel, charcoal, circle, circled, curdle, curtal, darkle, dartle, fardel, garble, gargle, girdle, gurgle, harle, herbal, hirple, hurdle, hurtle, kirtle, Merkel, purple, snorkel, sparkle, sparkled, spurtle, startle, startled, tergal, turtle, verbal, whortle

3 syllables:

antheral, catarrhal, conferral, deferral, delaurel, empurple, empurpled, encircle, encircled, engirdle, excircle, exergual, folderal, gestural, monarchal, monaural, nonverbal, novercal, nurtural, pictural, postural, referral, transferal, transferral

4 syllables:

arglebargle, circumcircle, epicarpal, epidural, hierarchal, homocercal, matriarchal, metacarpal, patriarchal, semicircle

5 syllables:

anticatarrhal, heterocercal

6 syllables: