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Words That Rhyme With "Marlin" :

2 syllables:

Arlen, Arlene, barring, Bartling, bergling, birling, blurring, burbling, burgling, burling, carlin, carline, carling, charring, circling, courlan, curdling, curling, darkling, Darlene, Darlin, darling, earthling, Erling, farling, furring, garbling, garling, gnarling, gurgling, Harlan, harling, hartling, Hering, herling, hurdling, hurling, hurtling, jarring, knurling, marline, merlin, nurseling, nursling, parcelling, pearling, purlin, purring, sarin, scarring, serfling, serling, shirring, sirloin, skirling, slurring, snarling, sparkling, sparling, sparring, sperling, spurling, spurring, starling, starring, startling, starveling, sterling, Stirling, stirring, swirling, tarring, twirling, whirling, whirlwind, whirring, worldling, yearling

3 syllables:

concurring, conferring, deferring, deterring, Dunfermline, encircling, incurring, inferring, macfarlane, occuring, occurring, preferring, recurring, refering, referring, subpurlin, transfering, transferring, unerring, unfurling, unsnarling

4 syllables: