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Words That Rhyme With "Matted" :

2 syllables:

acted, added, adit, anted, baited, bated, batted, betted, blasted, blighted, bloated, blotted, boated, booted, bracket, bracted, canted, chanted, chatted, cheated, cited, clotted, coated, crafted, dated, doited, dotted, doubted, drafted, fasted, fated, feted, fetid, fitted, flighted, floated, flouted, fluted, foetid, footed, fretted, fruited, gaited, gated, gloated, glutted, grafted, granted, grated, greeted, gutted, hated, heated, hooted, jacket, jetted, jotted, knighted, knitted, knotted, lappet, lasted, lated, letted, lighted, looted, muted, netted, nighted, nitid, noted, outed, packaged, packet, padded, panted, patted, petted, pitted, placket, plaided, plaited, planted, plastid, plated, plotted, potted, pouted, putted, quoted, racket, rackett, racquet, rafted, ranted, rapid, rated, righted, rooted, rotted, routed, rutted, sapid, sated, scouted, seated, shafted, shouted, sighted, sited, skated, slanted, slated, slatted, slighted, slotted, sotted, spotted, spouted, sprouted, stated, suited, swatted, sweated, tacket, tappet, throated, toted, touted, treated, trotted, vapid, vatted, vetted, voted, waited, weighted, whetted, whited, witted, zaftig

3 syllables:

abated, abetted, ablated, abutted, accreted, acquitted, adapted, afflated, alloted, allotted, attracted, awaited, belated, benighted, berated, besotted, carotid, commuted, compacted, competed, completed, computed, conceited, contrasted, cornuted, created, debated, defeated, deflated, deleted, delighted, denoted, depleted, detracted, detrited, devoted, dictated, dilated, diluted, disputed, distracted, elated, enacted, enchanted, equated, eupatrid, exacted, excited, extracted, farsighted, flatfooted, ignited, impacted, implanted, imputed, incited, indebted, indicted, indited, inflated, invited, lambasted, maltreated, misquoted, misstated, mistreated, outvoted, parotid, polluted, postdated, predated, proglottid, protracted, reacted, rebutted, recanted, recited, recruited, redacted, redoubted, redrafted, refitted, refuted, regretted, related, repeated, replanted, reputed, rerouted, restated, retracted, retreated, rostrated, saluted, secreted, sedated, shortsighted, stellated, subtracted, supplanted, transacted, translated, transplanted, transrapid, unbated, uncoated, undated, undoubted, unheated, united, unlighted, unpitied, unquoted, unrated, unseated, unsighted, unspotted, unstated, unsuited, untreated, unweighted, unwetted, updated, uprooted, vacated, voluted

4 syllables:

anabantid, annotated, caryatid, conjugated, desecrated, disenchanted, disinvited, disunited, interacted, maladapted, miscreated, olethreutid, overhatted, overrated, overweighted, procreated, pussyfooted, reenacted, reignited, reinstated, reunited, semifitted, silhouetted, sulphuretted, superfatted, superheated, unabated, uncompleted, uncreated, undefeated, underrated, underweighted, undiluted, undisputed, unexploited, unindicted, uninvited, unpolluted, unrefuted, unregretted, unrelated, unrequited

5 syllables:

demodulated, interrelated, overexcited, remunerated

6 syllables:

unassimilated, underpopulated