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Words That Rhyme With "Medici" :

2 syllables:

acey, basey, beachy, beastie, beechy, beefy, Bessie, bheesty, bracey, breezy, bristly, Casey, cheesy, chichi, cissy, creasey, creasy, Crecy, cressy, dressy, easy, Essie, facey, fleecy, gracey, Gracie, greasy, heathy, icy, Jesse, Jessie, kissy, lacey, lacy, leachy, leafy, lethe, lichi, lisi, litchi, macey, macy, messy, missey, missy, misti, nessie, Nietzsche, pacey, peachy, preachy, precis, pricey, prissy, queasy, racey, racy, reefy, screechy, sheathy, sissy, sleazy, spacey, specie, spicey, spicy, Stacey, Stacy, teensy, Tessie, tracey, Tracy, tressy, tsetse, Vesey, Vichy, wheezy, wristy, yeasty

3 syllables:

Assisi, caliche, divisi, Koichi, marchese, marchesi, O'casey, obeche, pachisi, parcheesi, uneasy, vibrissae

4 syllables:

maharishi, perioeci, Sulawesi, Tbilisi