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Words That Rhyme With "Musk" :

1 syllable:

ask, bask, Basque, bisque, blushed, Bosc, bosk, brisk, brushed, brusque, brust, bus, busk, bust, cask, casque, crus, crushed, crust, cusk, cusp, cuss, desk, disc, disk, dusk, dust, esque, fisc, fisk, Fiske, flask, flushed, frisk, fuss, fust, glisk, Grus, guess, Gus, gushed, gust, hushed, husk, huss, just, kus, lask, lisk, lust, Pasch, plus, pus, Rask, Risc, risk, rus, rushed, rusk, rust, shas, Sus, task, thrust, thus, truss, trust, tusk, us, Usk, whisk, wuss

2 syllables:

address, adjust, adust, aggress, assess, borasque, burlesque, careplus, caress, combust, compress, concuss, confess, cornhusk, Dantesque, degust, depress, derust, digress, discuss, disgust, distress, distrust, egress, embosk, embus, encrust, entrust, excess, excuss, express, grotesque, impress, incrust, intrust, Levesque, mistrust, moresque, nonplus, nonplussed, obsess, oppress, percuss, possess, precess, prestress, profess, recess, redress, regress, repress, robust, success, succuss, suppress, transgress, uncrushed, undress, unhusk, unjust, unless, untruss

3 syllables:

antirust, antitrust, arabesque, arboresque, audenesque, Bunyanesque, decompress, dispossess, gauguinesque, gigantesque, Hawthornesque, hugoesque, humoresque, japanesque, Junoesque, Kafkaesque, kiplingesque, Lincolnesque, Londonesque, misaddress, Monegasque, nonetheless, Normanesque, overtask, picaresque, plateresque, prepossess, readdress, readjust, Reaganesque, reassess, rembrandtesque, repossess, Romanesque, sculpturesque, statuesque, sultaness, unadjust, underdress, unsuccess, zolaesque

4 syllables:

churrigueresque, harlequinesque, hemingwayesque, Leonardesque, manageress, nevertheless, unpicturesque