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Words That Rhyme With "Nannies" :

2 syllables:

Andes, Andy's, annas, antes, bonnie's, brownies, bunnies, candies, candy's, connie's, crannies, cronies, Danny's, Dante's, daphne's, fancies, funnies, gamines, ganges, Ghana's, glandes, grammys, grannies, guineas, Hani's, Hany's, honeys, jenny's, johnnie's, johnny's, Manny's, Menes, minis, minnie's, moneys, monies, Moonies, pansies, panties, penney's, pennies, penny's, ponies, randy's, Sami's, sandy's, scanties, shanties, sonny's, Sony's, Stanley's, Sunnis, tamises, tandy's, tonys

3 syllables:

afghanis, agones, ambones, atlantes, Bahrainis, bandanas, Bellini's, Bhutanese, bikinis, cabanas, cassoni's, chimpanzees, Cleanthes, Comanches, Diana's, glochines, Havana's, Houdini's, Khomeini's, martinis, Miami's, Montana's, mucrones, phalanges, pianos, quadrantes, savannas, sopranos, wahines

4 syllables:

alleghenies, Allegheny's, comedones, epulones, Indiana's, Mussolini's, Pakistanis, Susquehanna's, telamones, vigilantes

5 syllables:

Americanas, Azerbaijanis, Louisiana's