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Words that rhyme with "need":

1 syllable:

bead, beede, bleed, brede, breed, cede, creed, dede, deed, diede, eade, fede, feed, frede, freed, freid, fried, friede, gaede, glede, gleed, grede, greed, he'd, heed, keyed, lead, leed, lied, mead, meade, meed, peed, plead, read, rede, reed, reid, ried, riede, schwede, screed, seed, she'd, skied, smead, speed, steed, streed, swede, tea'd, teed, thede, thiede, thrid, tiede, treed, tweed, we'd, weed, wied, wrede

2 syllables:

accede, agreed, bastide, bird feed, black bead, bur reed, cane reed, concede, creep feed, decreed, degreed, deseed, dill seed, dill weed, ditch reed, drip feed, exceed, fern seed, force feed, fort meade, french weed, ghost weed, gilead, hadid, hamid, impede, implead, indeed, jereed, jerid, jerreed, john reed, laclede, lake mead, light speed, line feed, misdeed, mislead, misread, neem seed, outbreed, pay heed, precede, proceed, quirk bead, rasheed, rashid, recede, reread, reseed, saeed, sand reed, secede, stampede, succeed, take heed, trust deed, unfeed, vahid, walid, white bead

3 syllables:

ague weed, anise seed, antecede, cancer weed, chicken feed, common reed, crazy weed, cumin seed, devil's weed, disagreed, double reed, dyer's weed, fennel seed, giant reed, guaranteed, harris tweed, horsefly weed, interbreed, intercede, interplead, jamestown weed, jimson weed, joe-pye weed, jumbie bead, jumby bead, jumping seed, klammath weed, mad-dog weed, mortgage deed, mustard seed, nicene creed, nicker seed, oil-rich seed, overfeed, paper feed, polecat weed, poppy seed, pressure feed, pumpkin seed, quitclaim deed, rattle weed, retrocede, silkworm seed, stinking weed, styptic weed, supersede, thomas reid, title deed, trumpet weed, underfeed, walter reed

4 syllables:

balm of gilead, butterfly weed, canary seed, caraway seed, celery seed, consumption weed, corn gluten feed, edible seed, fenugreek seed, fort george g. meade, george gordon meade, george herbert mead, james edward meade, margaret mead, pickerel weed, pineapple weed, rattlesnake weed, safflower seed, scorpion weed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, turpentine weed, vibrating reed

5 syllables:

alligator weed, coriander seed, execution speed, fort george gordon meade, rheumatism weed, spotted joe-pye weed, stemless golden weed

6 syllables:

athanasian creed, egyptian paper reed, turpentine camphor weed

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