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Words That Rhyme With "Passel" :

2 syllables:

acyl, axil, axile, basil, Basle, bastille, Bessel, Brussel, bustle, castle, Cecil, chessel, cresyl, decile, docile, dossal, facile, fissile, fossil, glossal, gracile, Hassel, hassle, hustle, jostle, Kassel, Mathilde, missile, muscle, mussel, nestle, russel, Russell, rustle, scissile, sessile, tassel, throstle, tressel, trestle, trussell, tussal, tussle, vassal, vessel, wassail, wessel, wrestle

3 syllables:

colossal, extrusile, indocile, protrusile

4 syllables:

antimissile, circumscissile, duniewassal, hypoglossal, microfossil