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Words That Rhyme With "Periscopic" :

2 syllables:

topic, tropic

3 syllables:

diplopic, ectopic, entopic, hydropic, metopic, myopic, pantropic, photopic, scotopic

4 syllables:

aerotropic, allotropic, amblyopic, ametropic, asthenopic, barotropic, chemotropic, cytotropic, dermatropic, desmotropic, diatropic, emmetropic, eurytopic, geotropic, hemiopic, hydrotropic, hylotropic, hyperopic, inotropic, isentropic, isotopic, isotropic, lipotropic, lycanthropic, lyotropic, misanthropic, monotropic, neurotropic, nyctitropic, orthotropic, philanthropic, phototropic, psilanthropic, psychotropic, rheotropic, stenotopic, theanthropic, thermotropic, thigmotropic, thixotropic

5 syllables:

aeolotropic, anemotropic, anisotropic, dermatotropic, deuteranopic, electrotropic, galvanotropic, gonadotropic, heliotropic, hemeralopic, hypermetropic, idiotropic, luteotropic, selenotropic, therianthropic, viscerotropic

6 syllables:

anisometropic, apheliotropic, apogeotropic, diageotropic, enantiotropic

7 syllables: