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Words That Rhyme With "Perusal" :

2 syllables:

basel, basile, docile, foozle, fossil, fusil, fusile, hosel, housel, jostle, kruzel, kusel, kuzel, losel, museful, musil, neuzil, nozzle, ousel, ouzel, possehl, postle, rossell, rozell, rozzell, spousal, tousle, touzle, trostle, vasile

3 syllables:

accusal, ambrosial, apostle, arousal, bamboozle, betrothal, callosal, carousal, colossal, deposal, disposal, espousal, exposal, occlusal, petrosal, proposal, recusal, refusal, reposal, reposeful, squamosal, supposal, transposal

4 syllables:


5 syllables: