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Words That Rhyme With "Pickering" :

3 syllables:

bickering, bitterling, blistering, blithering, brokering, dickering, differing, dithering, figuring, filtering, fingering, flickering, frittering, glimmering, glittering, hindering, injuring, lickerish, licorice, lingering, liquorice, liquorish, littering, niddering, quivering, shimmering, shivering, simmering, slithering, snickering, splintering, tinkering, tittering, triggering, whimpering, whispering, withering, zippering

4 syllables:

bewildering, configuring, considering, delivering, disfiguring, malingering, reentering, rejiggering

5 syllables:

hemosiderin, reconsidering