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Words that rhyme with "place":

1 syllable:

ace, base, bass, brace, caisse, case, cayce, chace, chase, crace, dace, drace, face, frace, grace, heyse, mace, nace, pace, race, reis, space, trace, vase, wace, {brace

2 syllables:

abase, air base, air space, apace, arms race, back brace, black race, blank space, boat race, bold face, car race, clock face, crawl space, debase, deep space, deface, disc space, discase, disgrace, disk space, efface, embrace, encase, enchase, enface, erase, false face, first base, foot race, free grace, gear case, give chase, gun case, hair space, home base, horse race, in case, incase, keep pace, knee brace, left-brace, neck brace, null space, nut case, on base, outface, outpace, paul heyse, phase space, rat race, reed mace, reface, retrace, right-brace, sack race, scratch race, ski race, spore case, stake race, straight face, swap space, sybase, tax base, test case, third base, tool case, torch race, touch base, unbrace, uncase, watch case, white race, wing case, wry face, yacht race, {left-brace, }close-brace, }right-brace

3 syllables:

ankle brace, army base, auto race, bouillabaisse, breathing space, claiming race, coup de grace, dative case, dead-air space, dispatch case, display case, dressing case, enclosed space, face to face, fall from grace, glasses case, harness race, herb of grace, hilbert space, human face, human race, hurdle race, in one case, index case, interspace, just in case, knowledge base, letter case, living space, lowercase, make a face, master race, mental case, metric space, navy base, negro race, negroid race, oblique case, outer space, packing case, paper chase, parking space, pencil case, pleural space, poker face, pudding face, pull a face, relay race, rocket base, roman pace, royal brace, saving grace, second base, selling race, senate race, skiing race, slavic race, state of grace, stone life face, storage space, subject case, timbale case, trophy case, welfare case, wild-goose chase, year of grace, yellow race

4 syllables:

ablative case, absolute space, antitrust case, arianespace, attache case, bicycle race, canopic vase, caucasian race, caucasoid race, chariot race, charity case, chemical mace, cigarette case, custody case, euclidean space, genitive case, governor's race, in any case, indian race, memory trace, mongoloid race, objective case, obstacle race, overnight case, possessive case, potato race, prisoner's base, salmon p. chase, subdata base, thoroughbred race, visual space, vocative case

5 syllables:

accusative case, automobile race, compositor's case, geometric pace, grammatical case, interstellar space, military pace, mongolian race, nominative case, salmon portland chase, subarachnoid space, trespass on the case, typesetter's case

6 syllables:

amerindian race, intergalactic space, mathematical space, pericardial space, topological space

7 syllables:

interplanetary space, paul johann ludwig von heyse

8 syllables:

attributive genitive case, iditarod trail dog sled race

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