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Words That Rhyme With "Procedure" :

2 syllables:

ager, agger, badger, beacher, beaver, Beecher, beezer, bleacher, breather, Bridger, cadger, cager, cheeser, Cheever, cleaver, codger, Coger, creature, deaver, dodger, dredger, easer, edger, either, feature, featured, fever, freezer, gauger, geezer, gouger, griever, heaver, hedger, leaver, ledger, Leger, leisure, leisured, livre, lodger, major, neither, Niger, nudger, pager, Peacher, pleaser, pledger, preacher, reaver, Reever, Rodger, roger, screecher, sneezer, spadger, squeezer, stager, steever, teacher, teaser, teether, trudger, tweezer, wager, weaver, weever, yager, Zenger

3 syllables:

abridger, achiever, appeaser, believer, besieger, defeature, disfeature, longsleever, misfeasor, misfeature, obliger, reliever, retriever, upstager

4 syllables:

ebenezer, misbeliever, nonbeliever, supersedure, unbeliever

5 syllables: