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Words That Rhyme With "Prolepsis" :

2 syllables:

apsis, cresses, dresses, esses, exes, guesses, Hesse's, Krebs's, messes, press's, presses, rhexis, sepsis, sexes, stresses, stypsis, tresses, yeses

3 syllables:

addresses, asepsis, assesses, caresses, cathexis, confesses, depresses, digresses, distresses, excesses, express's, expresses, impresses, obsesses, oppresses, orexis, possesses, professes, successes, suppresses, syllepsis, synapsis, synopsis, transgresses

4 syllables:

aeroscepsis, anatexis, antisepsis, calliopsis, caryopsis, coreopsis, thanatopsis

5 syllables:

anticathexis, omphaloskepsis, parasynapsis