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Words That Rhyme With "Puddle" :

2 syllables:

addle, audile, Badal, beadle, Biddle, bodle, boodle, bradawl, bridal, bridle, bubble, bubbled, buckle, buddle, bundle, buttle, caudal, caudle, chuckle, coddle, couple, cradle, credal, creedal, cuddle, cuttle, daedal, dawdle, dedal, diddle, doddle, doodle, double, doubled, dreidel, feudal, fiddle, fuddle, Godel, Goodall, griddle, guddle, guggle, guttle, heddle, Hubble, huckle, huddle, idle, idol, idyl, idyll, juggle, juggled, kiddle, knaidel, knodel, knuckle, ladle, medal, meddle, middle, modal, model, muckle, muddle, needle, nodal, noddle, noodle, nubble, odyl, raddle, reddle, riddle, rubble, ruckle, ruddle, rundle, ruttle, saddle, scuttle, scuttled, seidel, shuttle, shuttled, sidle, smuggle, smuggled, snuggle, snuggled, souple, spraddle, staddle, straddle, strudel, struggle, struggled, stubble, stubbled, subtle, suckle, supple, suttle, swaddle, tidal, toddle, treadle, trouble, troubled, truckle, trundle, twaddle, tweedle, twiddle, Udall, waddle, wedel, wheedle, widdle, yodel

3 syllables:

abuttal, acaudal, anodal, astraddle, bareknuckle, befuddle, bimodal, caboodle, canoodle, centroidal, chancroidal, colloidal, conchoidal, cotidal, cuboidal, cycloidal, decouple, deltoidal, dendroidal, discoidal, geodal, gonadal, gyroidal, hypnoidal, kyoodle, mastoidal, mucoidal, paludal, rebuttal, redouble, redoubled, reladle, remodel, rhizoidal, rhomboidal, sigmoidal, skedaddle, spheroidal, steroidal, stomachal, subcaudal, thyroidal, toroidal, trimodal, trinodal, unbridle, unbuckle, unbundle, uncouple, undouble, unriddle, unsaddle, unsubtle, untroubled

4 syllables:

adenoidal, alkaloidal, allantoidal, amyloidal, asteroidal, autacoidal, bacteroidal, botryoidal, ellipsoidal, emulsoidal, epiphloedal, fungicidal, germicidal, homicidal, intermeddle, intermodal, intertidal, oversubtle, pilonidal, septicidal, solenoidal, spermicidal, suicidal, supersubtle, taradiddle, tarradiddle, trapezoidal, virucidal

5 syllables:

amygdaloidal, bactericidal, bacterioidal, hyperboloidal, insecticidal, loculicidal, paraboloidal