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Words That Rhyme With "Punnet" :

2 syllables:

bennet, Bennett, blunted, bonnet, bunyip, connate, crinet, fronted, funded, fungic, gannet, genet, granat, granite, grummet, grunted, gunite, gunlick, gunship, hunted, hutnick, Janet, jennet, khanate, linnet, manit, Minot, minute, muchnick, planate, planet, plummet, rennet, runlet, runout, senate, sennet, Sennett, sennit, shunted, sonnet, sonship, stannate, stunted, summit, sunlit, tannate, tenet, tonlet, unit, vinet

3 syllables:

affronted, confronted, invenit, karenic, martinet, midinette, refunded, satinet, unbonnet, unfunded, whodunit

4 syllables:

acrogenic, antigenic, chiasmic, collagenic, exogenic, hypomanic, monotonic, puritanic

5 syllables:

boustrophedonic, cacodemonic